Module KV-DN20

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Giao thức truyền thông: Device net
Transmission rate: 500 kbps, 250 kbps, 125 kbps
Transmission media: 5 dedicated cables (2 for signal system, 2 for power, 1 for shield line)
Maximum cable length: Thick main cable 500 m (Transmission speed 125 kbps), 250 m (Transmission speed 250 kbps), 100 m (Transmission speed 500 kbps)
Thin main cable 100 m (All transmission speeds)
Maximum number of nodes: 64 (including master, slave, configurator)
Maximum number of I/O per slave: Input: 2048 points (128 words), Output: 2048 points (128 words)
Data length of message communication: Sending: 106 bytes, receiving 110 bytes
Type and size of assigned devices: Relaying or data memory
Max. size [For relay: Input 64 ch/Output 64 ch, For data memory: Input 128 words/Output 128 words
Internal current consumption: Internal circuit: 24 VDC 45 mA or less (supplied by CPU unit)
Communication circuit: 24 VDC 25 mA or less (supplied by communication connector)
Weight : 150g